Zek Dundar is a professional trainer on personal development, project management peace education and conflict management. Beside his proffessional work he is an author. 

He is member Youth Peace Ambassadors. He is involved in youth field since 2005 and working as a trainer since 2008. In last couple years he has been working in caucasus region to promote peace and dialogue as a consultant and coach trainer. Currently he coordinates project to promote peace and dialogue in caucasus region through art photography. He is founder of Dynamic Development Association (www.dd.org.tr) and  former board member of Young Federalist of Turkey (www.gencavrupalilar.org.tr)

Moreover, he is co-founder of Global Ideations Consulting Company (www.globalideations.com). Through this he company he offers consultancy of EU project development and management, individual and group coaching, mentoring and trainings for companies. 

In frame of European Commission program " Youth In Action, Erasmus +" Program he worked as trainer more than 150 different national and international training course, seminars or conferances all around the Europe and North Africa. 

Besides professional working he likes writing and he has published his first novel " Gerçek Rüya Hayal" which is dedicated to a love and detective story. The book is currently available only in Turkish; however, some of books are translated to English and you can find them here. 

His educational background is Electrical Engineering studied at Istanbul Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey and Master  of International Business Management studied  at EAE Business School in Madrid, Spain. 

Work Experiences

Project Coordinator: 

Eyes of Cultures; project was funded by Black Sea Trust for regional cooperation in CAUCASUS. It aimed to promote peace and dialogue through visualization of conflicts using art photography as a tool. 

Live and Dance Together; project was funded by Black Sea Trust for regional cooperation in CAUCASUS. It aimed to promote peace and dialogue between Armenia and Turkey through folkloric dances. 

Stand/Plus/Deutschland; project was funded by Mercator Foundation which aimed to promote dialogue between Germany and Turkey. 

From Theory to Reality; project was funded by Turkish National Agency. It aimed to develop participants skills on management and build capacity of new established organizations though coaching and mentoring.

Same Frame Different Lives;

Peace in Practice;



I worked more than 100 different national and international training courses. I worked at Joint Civic Education program which was running in Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey. 

I conducted several training course for trainers and worked as a coach trainer for junior trainers to support their development process. 


Here are some examples of projects that I worked as a consultant. 

360 Degrees Entrepreneurship; is long term project that funded by Turkish National Agency under Erasmus+ Program of European Union. It is fully dedicated on entrepreneurship and build a business incubator in Istanbul using the model of Malaga Techno park. Project coordinator organization is Istanbul Kultur University. 

Filming Racism; Project was funded by Turkish National Agency that was dedicated to develop participants skills to stop the racism through using the different tools of art. 

Global Warning; project was aim to raise awareness of global warming and conscious consuming. Project was funded by Turkish National Agency 

Eyes of Cultures; a peacebuilding project 

Merge the Cultures With Dialogue

Art and Dialogue

Peace in Practice

Put it in Action

From Idea to Enterprise

Contact me

e-mail: zek.dundar@gmail.com

facebook: Zek Dundar

Twitter: zekdundar