Let's Start Our Social Enterprise

 The Aim: to clarify and promote the concept of social entrepreneurship among NGOs and young people including those with fewer opportunities, to open social enterprises on NGOs’ base and to prepare youth workers, youth trainers and youth leaders to deliver trainings and other educational activities on social entrepreneurship to NGOs and young people including those with fewer opportunities in their home countries and internationally.

Where: Estonia 

When: October 27th to November 4th 2018

Who Can take Part in the TC: Youth workers, Youth leaders 18+ 

Working Language: English 

Which Countries: Turkey, Poland,  Czech Republic, Norway, Spain Lithuania, Bulgaria,  Italy and Estonia. 

Participation Fee: 30 Euro.

Other Cost: Travel cost, accommodation, food of selected participants will be covered during the program. 

Further Information and Application form: Please download the attached file for all information. Link of application form is included the handbook.