What do I offer?

I offer my clients different services. Our work agreement is based of your needs and requests. If I believe I will be the right person to respond your needs then we develop the agreement based on that.

If you want to develop an international project, need to create the program, find partners, organize international meetings with partners, communicate with partners then you should not have any hesitation to contact me. 

If you want to write a project, find appropriate funds to realize your project, create the budget forms, submit the applications then again you are communicating with right person. 

What if you are an individual and you are looking for opportunities to develop yourself such as project management skills, gaining self confidence, improve your communication and public speaking competencies, develop your presentation skills, want to create life plans, find your passions, find or you want to develop yourself as a trainer then you will have great opportunity to work with me individually in order to reach your goals. 

The Services I offer: