Shattered Legacy

My legacy is shattered. My mother was wrong. My father was wrong. The pain is not in mind and the time is healing every pain. They lied to me because the pain is too real and the time is not the best medicine.

It is fresh my dear. Everything is still so fresh. I can smell your perfume in space of room, I can feel soul lingers and dance around me.


I was wrong. I failed to believe that time can heal everything but it was before I have lost my mind and heart with you. The time, yes the time just refresh my feelings every seconds. With every first light of sun my hearts awakes to new feeling for you. With darkness a new hope bright in my heart.


I remember when I was naïve and innocent. I used to hear my mother telling me “ my son when you grow up you will not remember any of this pain. They are just in your head now so do waste your tears” after each time I fell down and hurt my knees.

She was right. After several days of growing up I was not feeling any pain. Time was healing and taking it away from.


I was nine when I first broke my arm. My tears surrounded my face and were dropping down from my cheeks passing through my lips. The pain was so strong. The compassion of my mother was not calming me down neither the tears were taking the pain away. Then the doctor came. After an injection and liquid on my arms made me calm as it took the pain away. There was something stronger than time that could take the pain away. It was magical power but I knew magic was exist only fairytales in real life there is no such thing. But that moment I wanted to believe that was magic.


After some hours my father visited me. I wasn’t seeing him much as mostly he was busy and coming home late while I was already sleeping. He stared my eyes and spoke to me “my son, the pain is in your hear it is not real and you know what the time is best doctor. It heals every pain. Time makes you to forget the death, lost and the grieves. No matter where you are or what it is time will heal it”.


He was also right as after several weeks the pain was lost and my arm was a healthy as before. Doctor used his magical power to stop my pain that moment but it did not heal it.


When I had a pain I remember what my parents told me and let the best doctor to heal it. Each time I was smiling as the legacy of my parents was taking all my pains away from me.


The days follow by months and year while my legacy was following me and bringing my smiles in many occasions and cases that I faced.


My legacy is shattered. My mother was wrong. My father was wrong. The pain is not in mind and the time is healing every pain. They lied to me because the pain is too real and the time is not the best medicine.

But my love, I know what is real. The feeling that moves in every single cell of my body, the growing desire. The flame that burns my hear, the smile that hypnotize, those eyes that make lose my mind are all too real. They are more than real my love. I know the words are so simple to express it. I wish it would be possible to give soul to words to dance around and speak loud my feelings. I wish they would walk to run around you and sing the songs of happiness. I


Now, I know my legacy was just a lie since you left. And I am with myself counting the days to not lose my mind.


I know that magic is not real and I cannot pretend either to believe it is. But my love you are too real. You are magic of my life. I do not need to pretend to believe. Those lips my love are magic as they take all the pain away.


And now my love, my legacy consist of the memories of your smile, the soft feeling of your skin and fire of your lips that was melting my heart.


The time is not healing my heart nor my mind as everyday I miss you more and more. There is no logic of explanation as every part of my body desire to be with you.


It has been years that you are gone but my love, I am still covered by your smells. Your smiles shines in front of my face each morning open my eyes and bird still sings your name in my ears.


I know my love you will never read this as this just another letter I wrote to you without sending. It will take place among others rest on shelf.


How can I do it to you my love, sending you all this melancholy is not for you as all I want to send you is smiles and joy. This is why I keep it for myself my love.