The sun follows the nights no matter what. She was the sunshine that enlightened  his life yet she did not know it.

Have you ever felt that you are drowning in the darkness? Looking around and trying to catch some lights.

She was far way of knowing what she meant to him. She meant the sky and the light. There were moments when he wasn’t able express his feelings as he used to believe that they are just fake and a lie that people tell each other.

Could it be true that he was feeling human again? There was something else that he could feel passion about. Was it real or just a small bubble he created around her.

She was light and happiness for him. He felt comfort in between her arms. Her eyes were taking away all his worries.


She did not know what was happiness meaning to him when he was with her. She was more than words, beyond the stories he could make. The stories he would share with her and stories he could make with her.


The light was there after the darkness. Perhaps, he was wrong but he could see the light. The sunshine was lightening his mind and his heart.

That felt like a human again.


He was the owner his mind and heart yet there were mostly away with her memories. They were following the sunshine that brought a new perspective to his life. A perspective that he could share with no hesitation. He felt the joy of sharing moments with someone.


Was this a love? But the question he was asking himself is does it matter how or what it called? Does social structure matter to be with someone? Why they were in need to call it something?


Can you make someone to be responsible toward another or it comes naturally by human instinct?


There was fear involved like in every relation between humans. The fear or unknowing, the fear that follows us from our past experiences and the fear that we cannot control. There was fear of being hurt again.


There was happiness they shared maybe not with same perspective but again does it matter really?


He knew that is always challenge to keep a relationship as our emotions and mind are so changeable depending our daily life and problems we are facing. They effect our behaviours and we may act like not who we are truly. In those moments we want to abandon everyone in our life. Maybe we do it because we trust them. We know they would support us. Or maybe we do it because we want to get rid of those negative emotions.


The damage we create might be deep and we might not realize it in that moment. By the time the regrets may follow our behaviours.


Then it comes forgiveness which makes human relationships beautiful. Definitely it needs the courage to forgive someone because our pride blocks us to do so. It makes us look weaker or loser. But the question is who is the loser in a relationship or is there a winner? Winning of what? Hurt other person more than hurting yourself?


The sun follows the nights no matter what. She was the sunshine that enlightened   his life yet she did not know it.


He keeps ask himself can someone be a sunshine of someone ‘s else life while he felt he was drowning in the darkness around him?