The Beautiful Stranger

The melancholy has become his best friend since absence of beautiful stranger. The memories fly around him and play the same song.


The rhythm of melancholy plays on background at early morning of the day as the beautiful stranger walks away. She is deep and thoughtful. She turns away her sight to stare the emptiness of space.

Can the man be happy with a simple smile of the woman he likes?

Strange and simple right?

As everyone pursuit of happiness and complain that they are not happy. Maybe life is not as complicated as it seems. Or maybe I like to be happy with beauty of life or maybe she has the power and energy to spread it around.

Being inspired by someone is the most precious gift that you can receive from someone you have just met. Some people inspire you with their experiences, some inspire you with their talents and some inspire with their nature.

Let me tell you whom I am speaking about.

A beautiful and natural lady.

I am inspired as staring her eyes bring the rain of smiles over me and wipe away the all-bad thoughts.

Her small eyes are beautiful brownish with her eyebrow and eyelashes. Imagine a drown lady with impressive eyes which you would not be able resist.

Her soft voice touches me deeply and her pronunciation of ‘r’ is unbelievably cute which makes you feel like in realization therapy of happiness. While I see her smiling the kindness of the world surround me and angels spread the happiness as her smile looks innocent as a like a child with pureness.

Her dark curled hair is long over her shoulder. It covers her neck and it has amazing combination with her lips, eyes and hypnotizing smile.

Ohh I almost forgot to mention how beautiful are her lips. Soft and spicy. Her lips are tinny, hot and attractive. Kissing her lips slides the piece of fire down to my heart.

Has been a while to not feeling this way but as every beauty has an end or a new beginning.

Maybe it is the time to say goodbye to the beautiful stranger or keeps the faith to meet again in a strange place.

The beautiful stranger walks away while the man keeps quite and continue his journey…



The beautiful stranger has gone and the time stopped since she left. Her presence remains in his mind. Her voice sings in his ears non stop.

As he missed her his mind is out of control. The words stuck in his throat.

His mind has gone away with her and He is lost in a strange city in between tiny streets. His heart is flying over the empty space to land in safe spot


Lisbon is not shinning anymore since she left. The weather showed its wild face and city has surrounded with darkness.


The ocean? It is frozenly cold as it was never in the history.


The man stays in calmness and smoke his cigarette. Hi is surrounded with smoke and deeply lost in his thoughts. His eyes are not shinning anymore and his heart seems to beat barely.

He lays down on his back and looks at the empty sky which seems dark and cold. After few minutes he stands and drinks the remaining alcohol from the bottle he holds on his left hand. He took a deep breath then threw the bottle and screamed with all the power remains.

Damn it Lisbon…


The stranger beautiful is far far away already and she has no idea what she left behind in Lisbon. She smiles and ready to go to work. Sometimes she thinks about her memories but she has no intention to feel melancholy neither live in the past. The life offered her a choice but it was not the right one and not right time. She feels pity for the man but heart tells her to not.

The fate, whispered in between her beautiful lips which are still without make up. The fate is not what she wants to believe in, as she wants to create her on destiny. She escapes of her though as she fears to be lost in between them. She stares the mirror and trying to smile. She sees the memories on back of the mirror when she was smiling and laughing with the stranger man. She feels the melancholy that she was escaping. She wish to stayed in Lisbon and tells to the man what she feels but she knows that the life already offered her the chance which she did not take. Now she is by herself in front of mirror and stares over and over to the memories.

She remembers the moments while she was dancing with the wind and laughing with the stranger man when he was just smiling beside her. She feels the hug of the man around her arms while she was feeling cold. She touches her lips and feels his kisses to warm up and the smell of his perfume. Her heart beats faster. She knows she should stop this feeling. She forces herself to smile.

No, no she should stay stronger and get rid of this melancholy. She takes her lipstick. She takes the red color as usually. For the last time she looks her beautiful red lips on the mirror then turn back to room. Now it is time to leave the home and memories.


The man walks in empty streets to find himself. The streets are not friendly with at all today. Everyone stares him wildly and scream to him to leave go away. He feels like monster walking in between human. He stares on his feet.

Why it is so cold? He asked himself.

Since she left he has asked himself the same questions over and over. He feels that he is freezing as the sunshine is touching his skin anymore and it is even bright.


The melancholy has become his best friend since absence of beautiful stranger. The memories fly around him and play the same song.

He keeps singing the lyrics of his love. The feelings that has are becoming legend by themselves and all he does is just giving shapes to them with words as the already spread the soul for each word.

Let me tell you a legend beautiful stranger he says:

I was born in arms of angel at the shade of sun which burning my skin deep to my soul. The demons were surrounding me to fight all the angels away. The god itself turned the back to me. I was by myself to create my own destiny to live or to be slave of demons and serve them as an undefeated monster.

The power that I had was a gift to make choices and each of them had a consequence.

I closed my eyes and fated on angels around me but it was wrong decision as they had fate on me to fight back and to beat the demons in order to spread love and happiness around the world yet I disappointed them when I lowered by guard.


I raised by demons to serve to evil. Since that day I was a prisoner and a monster.

I felt the light to escape and be saved at the day I met you. The day I looked at your eyes was the day that angels visited me again.


His lips stopped talking. The story has not finished yet. It was just beginning but he has no power to continue because the blood pressure is killing his veins. His heart has no longer wish to stay in his body. It wants to be released and fly away with beautiful stranger. His mind is no more following his orders. His soul has already abandoned him with his loneliness.


He turns down his eyes and stepping forward down to hill. He never felt that is that difficult to walk downhill before as he cannot control his legs anymore.


How cold the sea was. Was it always like he asked himself or I was living in another world before. He turns up to sky and whispers to himself where have you gone the son? Why you are not shinning today. Are you alone there by yourself as I am here by the sea and feeling freezing cold.

Am I dreaming still? Then what should I do to wake up?


He crosses his fingers and looks at to his watch. The time is not passing as he country the moments. He thinks about the smile of beautiful stranger. He wished to know her name. Can it be Sara he asks himself.

No, no it is not. Maybe Teresa? He stops take a deep breath but it seems he is not satisfied by guessing names.

He gave up to finding name for her.

Those lips, the tinny ones. How beautiful they were. They were create by angels with love and passion as piece of art. Picasso would be jealous to see and all red roses would feel ashamed if they could see while is smiling.


Will he close his eyes and wait for angels again?


Time has changed but the man and his feelings remain same. He moves between his heart and mind yet none of them can give him a clear advice neither a direction to follow.


It is midnight and the weather is sharp. Walking around for hours made him tired as his feet barely move further. He needs to stop, take breath and see where he is. He is lost in mind, in heart and in between strange streets. He has to find a way to get back.


The beautiful stranger dressed up. She is ready to go out. She is exited and happy. She is away of the melancholy she had yesterday as she is back to her own reality. She felt something for the stranger but it was not enough to stay with him. She is in love with a man and for a moment she was ready to give up on him to stay with the stranger but her mind told her to stop. If she would listened her heart then probably she would kissed the stranger more and tells him what she feels. She smiles, put on her reddish dress, wear her dark brown scarf and of course all beauty. She pulls the door and leave while her lips whispering the same sentence over and over - time to go ahead…


Oh lady stranger, would you understand me if I could bring you all the worlds are exist to stand beside you or would you feel the same as I do if I made all roses to speak out to tell you how beautiful you are and whisper the wisdom lyrics of love to your ears.

Tell me lady stranger, what if the world turns down up to bring all angels to sing for you and to bring the sun closer you in order to never let you feel cold again, would this make you happier or still you would run far away?


Now all the songs are meaningless for him, what about the sky he is staring for the moment? He feels the darkness in it as the stars are hidden in it. The light has turned back to him like the sun did since the beautiful stranger left.

He has no longer power, he sits on cold stares, lay down on his back and closing his eyes. The tiredness now jumping on him and he is slowly fall in sleep while his mind and heart is abandoning him by his loneliness. He feels a bit cold but it is not the stronger feeling he has as his heart is burning piece of fire of hell.


The darkness is all over him now and he has fell in sleep in cold and tinny street of Lisbon by the hill.

Maybe in the morning an angel will wake him up again or maybe the daemons will prison him for the rest of his life.

He has no idea what will be the next and in fact he has already gave up before he fell in sleep in this strange street just before he turned his sight down.


Love is combination of our own deep feelings and expectations we put on others. It is stupid and simple but human being makes it very complicated, as most of them are afraid to have it because it is heavy burden and very fragile which needs to be taking care all the time. It is very easy to break it but very hard to fix.


The fate is conlusion of our choices, so there is No one else to blame expect ourselve incase it comes to a bad one...or to be thankful if it s good one...