The Dark Side

Today I am going to tell you all the truths about myself. All of my secrets, darkness and sins and I am afraid once you hear all then you will not see as a human but as a monster, which I believe I am. Heartless and cold blood one.

Today I am going to tell you all the truths about myself. All of my secrets, darkness and sins.


She put her eyes down and took a deep breath.


He turned on the recorder and left it on the table.


I wish I could be a child again as there are many things I would do differently she said calmly. 

I would spend more time with my lover. I would not ignore people who were needed my help and who cared about me. Yes, I would enjoy life more…Would appreciate for every single moment with full of passion and love.


But this is not what I am going to tell you today. I am just trying to make the right order and thinking where to start.


He gave her a glass of water. You do not need rush. Take your time because whatever you say is very important for you and for us.


After I run away from my parents, I was involved in a group, very specific and highly secret one. Once you enter you cannot run away from it unless you pay it with your life. So I feel I am lucky or maybe not she said after looked into eyes of the man.


He had just a cold smile on his face and words were come out of his mouth.


So coming back to this group. It calls SL stands for Sex and Life. You are not allowed to have any relationship with someone out of the group. As a woman you are obliged to satisfy men in group which means when they need sex you cannot say no. In a return they “protect” you. As men in group you obliged to take care all women in group which mean providing place to live, security bla bla all that kind of shit.


She stopped and drunk a sip of water. Her voice was trilled and she seemed to be scared.

She took a deep breath.


It is not as simple as it sounds. The men in the group own you and you are a slave. They have no fear of killing someone and they had connection with police to take care of bodies and disappearing them. In any case most of time there is no one is looking for people in the group as they all like me who have run away from family, boy friend, husband with a hope to find something better.


After two years of living a slavery life I decided to escape. I knew I was walking the death line but I had no choice, as the life I was living was not way worse than dying. You don’t know whom you will spend the night or nights and you do not how you will be treated. You might be tortured for fun, you might be serving naked to bunch of pigs smoking at home and touching all over you and cursing at you.


She couldn’t talk more. She stopped took another sip of water.


One night, I was giving to a guy from Central Europe. A very good-looking man, seems very gentle and kind but I was wrong. He was the worst I ever met. He was demon himself the son of bitch she screamed.

He took me to an abandon house in New Jersey. There seemed very scary and dark. Then I heart some dogs barking, but I didn’t see them. They were somewhere in the house. With every steps and seconds my heart was beating faster. He looked at me and said it is pity for someone beautiful like you to have such end.

Last moments of my life. I never imagined like that. I was always thinking I would die in a accident or by a bullet to my head but not in dark and abandon house. I had to think quickly and do something. 

It was the moment that I lost my mind and decided for my next moves. I started to take of my clothes and look at him.

All I was thinking to find a way to run away but I had no idea about how to do that or where to run.

He started to laugh while staring at me. I heard he said that I am sexy but it means nothing to him. So I understood he was interested me in but for something and I even did not want to think what it could be as I was hell scared.

I was feeling at the edge of life and sound of death around me. For a moment I saw a broken knife two meters far from the place I was standing. I wasn't sure if it saw right or fucking carma was playing with me. Was I hallucinating? There was only one way to find out which could be my key of running away.

From that moment all my focus was to reach that knife. I started to walk slowly to that side. I was all naked and waiting for the destiny to show me the next steps if there are any. 

That might sound embarrassing but when all the cell of your body feel smell of death around you nothing else can be worse. I guess it is human instinct live or die or at least die while fighting. 


He was still staring me and keeps laughing.

You know I am still thinking what to do with you. My dogs will enjoy your blood he said. He came next to me and touch my hair and my lips. I never disgussed something in life as I did while his hand was sliding over my lips. 

I cannot tell you how I wanted to rip off those lips and shatter those hands into million pieces. I spit out to his face. I was scarred but he said or did nothing. He turned back and started to walk where dogs were barking.

I was very close to knife. I do not know I grabbed the knife but all I remember that I was holding the bloody knife while staring his body beneath my feet. The blood was flashing from his next when I realize there were two big cuts on his next.


But this you already know. And you know what  I consider this just as my sin yet I have not tell you my darkness. I am afraid once you hear all you will not see me as a human but as a monster, which I believe I am. Heartless and cold blood one.

She stood beside the man and look at him. Deep inside she was feeling pitty for him as he was naive and innocent man. 

Are you ready for my darker side she said to man. The answer she got was a small nod. 

She looked at the knife she was holding. It still had some bloods on it. Dried yet shining. It was also as sharp as a sword that can cut into pieces hundres of people. 

I was beautiful but without self confidence. Moslty Iwas sitting alone and not talking anyone. You can imagine a naive, shy, harmless girl.

She started to laugh. Oh man she was poor girl and who could imagine that girl will turn to a monster one day. She seemed to be proud for the changed she did but deep inside it seemed she missed that innocent girl as well.

Anyway let me continue she said.

There was a boy whom I was in love with. All I could do was staring at him for minutes and listening my heart beatings that got crazy, faster and lounder. Sometimes I was afraid someone would hear it. 

I was curious about relationship between man and woman, kissing each other, touching bodies, having sex. All those things were far far away from life. 

The man I loved had blue- eyed,  wide shoulders, black hair and a sweet smile. He had tinny face and partly beard with small line mustache. I was not able touch or got closer to all that beauty because of my shiness. 

Days were following each other as it was copied from previous ones. All was routine and boring. It was the year when my heart was beating faster, my mind wanted to do a lot of crazy things that I never even tried before. 

One of those random days, I heard some talking in girls toilet. You know teenagers like to talk about sex, their first experiences, their boys, girls... 

The talks were about how they had sex in classroom after the lectures end. That might sounds crapy for you but that talk was the turning point in my life as it gave me a crazy idea. It gave me the idea how I can fullfil the missing part in my life.

It sounded brillant to me. It made me so exicted. I was smiling and jumping on that way to home. Since day I was planing how to start and with whom to start. I became more social, talked with people and smiled to everthing around me. 

The biggest movement I did was talking to the guy I was staring from meters away. One day during the break I talked him in front of girls toilet. I asked him If he ever had sex in toilet. I even did not believe myself I could asked it very directly. First moment he was very surprised. He mumbled but could not speak a propore word. I hold his hands and pulled him to toilet. I knew what I wanted that moment and I did not care anything else around. 

Yes, that was my first time and I still remember it. Damn, it was so exicting she said while having a joyful smile on her face. 

She stopped and looked the man. She threw the knife away and got closer to man. Hold her hands around his neck and kissed his ears. She continued to pace back and forth while inhale a deep breath. 

That's how all these started. You might ask how so let me go deeper in darkness. 

The man was confused. He wanted to kiss her more but he knew he can't do that. He murmured. Go on please. 

Frank, he was called she said. We started to spend more time together, organized some crazy parties. We never called a name for what we were having. A relationship, dating or something like that. All we were doing was enjoying it without any limit and having no question or judgement. During one of those crazy party, I invited Stephanie whom I knew from school to join. She was gorgeous. Long and ligh yellow hair was shinning. She had long legs that all guys were staring whole night. And her lips, I couldn't kept myself away whole night from kissing them.

With Stephanie we had crazy nights later. After spending several nights with Frank and Stephanie, I decided to tell them about my idea. I knew it might scared them but I also knew that sooner or later they would agreed as I could see the hunger and desire they had. I could feel their wild instinct. 

Stephanie left the room after my listenning the words dropped out my mouth. I never saw her so angry like the momenet she left the door. You could see her anger on distance a locked bull for months. Frank was confused and spoke a word whole night neither slept. He left in the morning speechless.

There was again me alone in class. All I was thinking where I did wrong. I did not give up. After one week of speaking neither Frank or Stephanie. I decided to approach Stephanie first. I knew if I could convice her then Frank eventually will agree because he would not resist longer against two beautiful and tempting women... 

There again she sounded so proud of herself. He could see how egocentric she is so that he knew he should be  very careful. He wanted to take the knife away but he had no idea how to do that as a wrong movement could screw up everything or end up with his life. He should call for back up but if he does so in some minutes she would dissapear and they would stuck again as they have been already for so long time. This was the unique chance they got and he should use it. He turn away his eyes and took a deep breath. 

He could clear see how powerful she is. Almost opposite character than him. He was naive, calm and self confident but as she is. It seems she could manipulate every. It is a dangerous power that can be stronger a gun a sometimes. He should not cause her to suspect him that he is looking away to handcuff her. 

He looked at her. Silence for few minutes finally she started to speak again. 

Talking with Stephanie was not easy. I put a lot of efforts to convice her. With her continue to do wild things to attention of Frank. 

After two weeks Stephanie told me that she spoke with Frank and he was ready to join us. So the next day three of had an amazing night together. It was the night that all of these started.

What do you by it was the night? 

She started to laugh after listening the question and looked at him. In fact she was pitying him. She started to be ironic and ridicule with him. 

Ohh poor you. You do not what I am speaking about. Ok dear I will tell you everything. You have not seen my darkness yet not even a small part of it. 

The last sentence was as sharp as sword. He could feel that something goes on and did not know how to react. She started to play with knife and looked at the bloody death body. Then looked at the dogs same as the body covered in blood. 

It was the birthday of SL -  Sex and Life. We made plans how to go futher. We, actually I wanted to create a unique cult. You know people are afraid to talk about sex. There is always limit for everything so we wanted to create something that there is no limit. When you are young, you can imagine how beautiful sounds. No shame, no regret nothing that can limit you. 

Anyway let's skip the details. So we needed more members. We made a list from school. It was going well. We had a one rule at beginning. Once you enter you do not have sex with anyone else out of group. We had several crazy parties where new members joined. 

One day Frank came with a new idea to make money. That was not our intention at beginning but he conviced us to do that and it was attactive. Who wouldn't want it. 

There it is. After several months we had a lot of money but we started to face with some security problem. Some girls were treated really bad after some parties also police was following us as many members started to take drugs. 

The cult was shaping to new form. We started to ask big amount of money for membership fee as we already have many businessmen. 

Frank, I and Stephanie mostly having private parties with some police members and businessmen. One day Frank came with two bodyguards. That was the time that I became slave of what I created. The power, money increased Frank's ego so much that he wanted to rule the cult himself. She started to sell me and Stephanie and treat us with death if we will not follow his rules. 

Months took all my contact and power on cult away and I was nobody as others. Today was one of those random arrangement for me. I guess you do not hear what happenned after I get here again. 

She seemed to feel relieved. 

Damn she said. I have told anyone all these. You are in your luck day. 

She stood up and looked at him. 

Tell me agent how did you find me here? Who called you? How did you know I am here? 

There it is. He was waiting for this moment. For some moments he thought she would never ask it but he was wrong. 

He had to do something before it is too late. He aimed his gun to her head. 

Sorry sweet heart. I think you know the answer yourself. He took the recorder. Turned it off and put it in his pocket. You know too much. This is not good for cult but nobody else would know it except me. 

I should thank you for giving me this powerful information. Now I know who is on the top of cult and who are the main members. He seemed he was not the man he was standing there for an hour. He is eager and hungry to power.

He walked closer to her, targeting the gun to hear headfore. Drop the knife sweet heart he said. She followed the order. There was no fear on her face or guilt. In fact no sign of any emotion. 

He felt a cold metal behind his head, a gun. Sound of a woman. Drop your gun agent she said. He slowlly followed the order and left the gun on floor. Sit down she shouted loudly. 

He was between two women.

I am Stephanie she said.  I guess you heard a lot about me already and know who I am. What did you tell him Jess she asked to her friend. 

Ohh Jess, come on you even did not tell him your name?  Jess grab the knife and swipe her finger. She walked next to Stephanie and kissed her. 

Then she grab his hair. You know agent, I have not tell you about my dark side yet. You were so unpatient to listen all. She took the recorder from his pocket. 

He could feel the sharpness of knife on his neck. 

Tell agent, how many people are cooperating with cult? I want all the names for an exchange of your life. I know you are a tough guy but also a smart. It is your call to lay down next dogies or walk away from here. 

Stephanie throw him a pen a paper. All the names she said when she hit his head with the gun. 

He could feel that he is at the edge of his life. Death dogs, death body, blood and two heartless women. He could only hope to walk away from that door alive.

He wrote all the names he knew who cover the dirty works of cult as like him. 

Stephanie took the list. We have a lot of work to do Jess. It will be fun. 

Jess was smiling. Seemed very happy. She whishpered to his ears. Do you want to know my darkness agent? 

He could not answered the question as the knife already cut half of his neck. The blood was flashing around and his hands was holding neck. His eyes were growing and body was shaking. 

My darkness agent, I will get the cult back by killing these 7 agents and 5 other cult leaders. Frank will be the last to enjoy the long death. 

She threw the knife away and wipe her hands with his coat. 

Stephanie was amazied by the scene she just saw. Her admire to Jess was never less than moment. Jess hold and kissed her fiery

Let's go my love. The game has just started....