I offer this service to groups, companies, NGOs or municipalities.

Through this service you will have chance to try different approaches and methods which will give you chance to develop different skills and competencies.

 I offer trainings on following topics:


Soft Skills,


Project Writing and developing,

Project and Financial Management,

Strategic Planing and Setting Goals,

Creativity and Entrepreneurship,

Time Management,

Trust Building and Group Dynamic,

Conflict and Crisis Management,

Peace Education,

Inclusion and Integration,

Team Building.

Trainings will be developped based on your request. The minimum training service I offer is half day that consists of two sessions. Each session takes one and half hour. 

Based on your request the trainings can take up 4 days. The maximum number of group that I would accept to work is limited with 20 people. For bigger groups I would suggest to work with co-trainers.