The Wavy Sea

I do not want think anymore because I cannot even recognise myself. How could I not feel anything for all those days? 

 I was turning arround in my bed for hours but I wasn’t able to fall in sleep. The last memories were lingering the emptiness of the room. I was asking myself over and over again why? And each time I was not able to answer. I was surrounded with all unanswered questions. I was staring my at sin hands.

I drunk a black and strong coffee at loby with the first light of the day. After the last sip of my disgusting coffee I left the hotel. During my trip I was seeing Teresa’s imagination. She was beside me and accompanying me. I was desiring her smell with each cell of my body. Istanbul was surrounded with snow as was Bode but the silence here was more scary but the Streets were abondoned.

Talking to Teresa’s photo was the first thing I did when I arrived to home. Her photos were my redeption from all my sins. They were my conciliation. I was looking at her photos and asking myself if I would be able to hold her hands and stare her eyes again. By talking to myself I was awakining my deep feelings. I was getting back my feelings. I was living and following my dreams but now I am searching for them at the corner of this room.

I had message from Teresa. She called me while I was away. Hearing her voice brought smiles to my face. Her voice was calm and sounded sad. I immeadiately called her back without even listening other message. She wanted to meet for some drinks. Her voice fondled my soul after having several days of silence screamings arround me and it gave some energy to my dead body.

I do not want think anymore because I cannot even recognise myself. How could I not feel anything for all those days?

I woke with Teresa’s voice and covered her loved tightly over my freezing my body. My heart was shiviring while I was talking to her on phone and my eyes were focused on the photo of my green eyed angel. My lips were moving out of my control with my beats of my heart. I do not know what I saying because it was my feelings speaking not my mind and those feelings were real like I was holding her hands at that moment. From my heart to my mind all my body was wandering her name. After the last sentence my feet were out of floor because in hour I was going to meet with my angel.