An International training course funder by Erasmus + Programme of European Commission. 

Where and When: 

London, United Kingdom   &  1 - 8 June 2017. 


Youth workers, youth volunteers and young people 18 - 35 years old. 

Which Country: 

Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Italy, Spain.  3 participants from each country will be selected. 


Youth Engagement in Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development aims to raise awareness among participants about climate change and UN SDGs and promote social entrepreneurship focusing on environmental enterprises.

Youth Engagement in Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development (YESESD) will gather participants from the 9 program countries (Latvia, Spain, Turkey, Hungary, Estonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and United Kingdom ). YESESD focus on: Sustainable Development (3 pillars - economic, environmental, social); the role of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) ; the role of the Earth Charter through its youth initiative (ECYI) ; how the role of youth plays out in all of this; how does it affect them in particular; and what do their specific roles need to be. It will try to draw the connections between skills development for employability and the changing nature of work by using success stories from the experiences of some of the Country Networks that are the backbone of the Youth Employment Summit (YES) Campaign.

Financial Conditions: 

Travel cost of selected participants and accommodation, food will be fully covered. 

How to Apply: 

Please download the handbook of training course attached below. Inside the handbook you will see the link of online application form and relevant information of training course.